Dan Mulvaney

Company: Sunbelt Business Advisors
Category: Mergers & Acquisitions

My broad business background allows us to work with business owners in most industries. We focus on the business universals of profit, products/services, customers, management, competitors, vendors, capital investment, growth, market share, etc. Client revenue is typically $5 to $100 million and cash flow over $1 million.

We meet with business owners to understand their goals then compare these to the marketplace. If there is alignment then a plan is created to achieve valuation and timing requirements. Through a confidential competitive process we find the buyers that most value the business and are most likely to close the transaction.

My career includes 20 years in corporate America with positions as COO, CFO, division controller of a Fortune 100 public corporation and multiple board memberships. Understanding the investment requirements and approval processes of strategic buyers allows for effective communication with these and other buyers.