Peter Meimaridis

Company: Matrix BAG, LLC
Category: Budget & Financial Literacy

Consumer Life Coach, manager clients current budget details up against future goals, consulting to them, maintain a long-term relationship. Specialize in budget planning for businesses with $5M or less in annual revenue and monthly planning for consumer households. Educate clients in financial literacy, budget techniques, how to evaluate & manage their finances to meet their goals. Teaching & training marketing & sales techniques. Utilize techniques & skills to create long term client relationships.


Still a principal with Home Mortgage Consultants, Inc. and though not a licensed mortgage loan originator (since I do not solicit applications nor charge for my mortgage consulting) I still have a great deal of knowledge and resources to assist any client with questions and direct them to any licensed originator they would like to work with ALL FOR NO COST OR FEE TO ME!!! A pat on my own back, I am the best mortgage consultant I have ever met and happy to share my experience!!