Tim Youtz

Company: Runway Analytics
Category: Data & Analytics
Bio: We deliver insight infrastructure that connects to client data sources and transforms them to provide meaningful guidance. Popular applications of this framework include: Budget Forecasting Sales and commission reporting Lead tracking and revenue attribution Inventory management optimization Customer segmentation Financials analysis Survey results Web traffic analysis Project management Call and ticket tracking We invest in our clients through our FREE discovery process to identify the data that can best provide insight in support of business needs. We do this by leverage the market leading Business Intelligence platform, Microsoft Power BI, to deliver cutting-edge solutions. We provide end to end support for our clients by assessing current state systems, aligning them to business goals, developing infrastructure to support the solution, implementing new reporting, and working with the business to realize the value of new insights. Industries where we already work include: Telephony/Service Desks Retirement Communities Non-Profit Organizations Construction and Remodeling Insurance Automotive Repair Retail Legal We deliver solutions across a wide array of industries by designing solutions in collaboration with subject matter experts from our clients. Our clients all have two things in common: They recognize the value of information and operating to metrics. The complexity of their business drives the need for insight beyond a “gut check”. What makes Runway Analytics Different? Scalability – One size does not fit all. We scale based on client complexity. Incremental Delivery – No big up-front commitment. We deliver one report at a time. Independence – We deliver solutions turnkey or as a managed service – it’s up to you! Support Network – Data is complex – we work with a network of data scientists, technology experts, and web developers to create comprehensive solutions. See our the portfolio section of our website for live, interactive samples of our work.